Monday, March 18, 2013

Music of Love

Music videos have never, ever ceased to be interesting. Chanced upon these two impeccably touching foreign music videos from youtube. Enjoy.

Lắng Nghe Nước Mắt - Mr.Siro


SO COOLสิ่งมีชีวิตที่คิดได้และเจ็บเป็น

I still remember someone telling me that Mandarin music videos are boring and lack of creativity. Those music videos always ended with an unrequited love story / lost-and-found love / any other love stories. Take this for a change. 

Academically speaking, these two music videos depicted man as the one who is loyal, caring and stood by the girl while the girl was portrayed otherwise. Should most foreign music videos, in this case, Thai MVs and Vietnam MVs, show similarity or a trend in most of the MVs, it is something worth studying. 

Haha, definitely challenging the social norms where some people still stereotypes guys as a playboy, disloyal and the "bad person" in a relationship"


Sunday, March 17, 2013

A simple serenity

Lets check... the last time I blog... I don't remember what it is about. 
Yet, I know my mind is constantly on the workout to source for a better theme, better layout and better header for my blog. One that bears significance on what is written in this virtually public world.

The blog was, and still is, a venue for the dedication of the soul. 
Yet, remaining its ambiguity and anonymity perhaps shield myself from harm's way.

Now, it is a pledge to write again, to pen down a voice only echoed in the bottom of my heart.
Perhaps, all along, I have been finding a place without restrictions and limitations to write what I have always wanted to write about.
No grammar police, gate-keepers and a place where meanings overwhelmed any aspect of writing.


Well, life is as chaotic as it seemed. Just like this. 

Being caught in the rat race is tiring. And it is even more tiring trudging the journey alone. 

Time to get the muscle ticking. 


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Author

The edge etched with jewels and diamond,
fluffed with pretentious feather, innocence forbade. 
If this is what you see and nothing beyond,
Then you will see none beneath this masquerade

It has been some time words are to fill this void, an empty place in the heart where written rhymes complete the soul. 

It has been quite some time I sat down here and reminisces the things that I have done, been doing or will do. I has been quite some time, I even had the luxury to enjoy this pleasure. 

I looked through the old posts that I have written and decided to start afresh with a new look, a new beginning.. hopefully with newer interesting posts, and new poems.