Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You held my heart but I held his,

You held my heart but I held his,
This petite heart only for one contain
Some heart free to share,
But surely not this,
Only one heart for another,
This love retain.

With gentle glances I could only confess,
This love is not chosen for hearts like ours,
Should this be real, through yours expressed,
But it is not ours there to discover.

I can only appreciate your kindness and goodwill,
But had never taken for granted for what you’ve done,
I knew you would have loved me still,
Though this love I have chose to run.
I am sorry I could not reciprocate the same,
You are one true gentleman oh so well,
Please do not take the blame,
If my heart aren’t there to dwell,
Please release me for I could not love you in return,
I thank you but this gift unrequited,
Though I knew, I would always be part of your concern,
But it was his heart, mine reciprocated.

* the author of this poem took a stand on a woman's heart. feeling what he believes how a woman felt, and there's no relation to the author's real life. after all, poetry sometimes is about feelings, one and the other.

Sorbet Lemon

Sing me a serenade

Sing me a serenade, sing me a serenade,
Outside the tower and call to me,
I will be waiting by the window’s pane,
A prince whose love from tennesee.
O’ young heart,
Pick me a flower on the way,
And honey that comes from the bees,
I will be waiting you by the window’s pane,
With a love as calm as the sea.

Sing me a serenade, sing me a serenade,
Come rain come shine,
For you have promise me this love,
That binds your heart and mine.
O’ young heart,
Sing me serenade and perhaps,
The lovely poems of endless time,
For just like them our love would be,
Tracing the pages, forever rhymes

Sing me a serenade, sing me a serenade,
When will you come my prince?
This love will not turn to fade,
Just like we had promised since,
O’ young heart,
With that bouquet of flowers in hand,
Ride fast young love, for me,
For I could not have been pleasured more,
This gift given to our destiny,
I will be waiting by the windows pane,
A wait never be too short a date,
For you have promised to call out,
And sing me our serenade.

Sorbet lemon


Pick one song, to soothe the emotions,
The aimless cursor tracing the screen,
Was that a jab, without much consideration,
Was that a victory, was that a win?
Dust surfaced the sticky cover,
Leaving traces of typing hands,
But yet words are lost, undiscovered,
Where none could comprehend.
It was a warm gentle glow,
But ends with a dry whither,
This jolt as cold as fading snow,
There’s nothing there to linger.
I am letting you see, this, I could not hold,
Nor one to possess while the other suffer,
For I was wrong and I wasn’t bold,
And I do not want you beg to defer.
For now I wish these memories to deny,
I would rub these traces with a second hand,
For I don’t want tears to fall, nor blushes to shy,
Nor blemished sea glass in the sand.

Sorbet Lemon

ans : stop right there

Stop Right There.
You are going way too far, way too fast,
You know those feelings will not last,
Was it love or just a crush,
Stop right there and do not rush.

They say love is always blind,
but, to me love is all in the state of mind,
It's a choice you make from time to time,
You can accept or decline.

Perhaps those miseries I dwelt in the past,
Remind me that love is transient, it will not last,
Relinquish my hope and diminish my faith,
It's hard to get back to the chase.


who knows those feelings will not last?
would you think too deep, or judge to fast?
if its really true love,
and you knew it is not a crush,
would you tell your heart,
stop right there and do not rush ?

they say love is blind,
but she brings jumbled words to rhyme,
and felt a feeling oh so fine,
a gift of rosemary and thyme

tar not thee with miseries of the past,
you'd yet to capture, love's spell to cast,
for soon you'll meet one true love,
no, its no longer a crush,
you'll know it when you see him,
your heart wouldn't stop right there,
it begins to rush...

sorbet lemon


a memory of perfect remembrance,
the silver dust splashed across the screen,
gently traipsing down the memory lane,
tracing down the places came in between,
staying at where it took through the lens,
a frantic but soothing call of peace,
a mysterious setting and unknown ambiance,
set the sun aglow and shine at ease...
this, is what i see,
with written rhymes bring forth to thee~

Sorbet Lemon

Without you, chemistry 101

Without you
I am like a non-radical atom,
With no particle to vibrate,
For you have the energy I need
To reach hybridization state.

Without you,
There’re no bonds to form,
For I alone stands inactive,
And when heat is up,
I can turn radioactive.

Without you,
I jumbled up all the atomization numbers,
I don’t know where to go in the periodic table,
I am not a metal, or an ion either,
Without you, I ceased to be a matter.

Without you,
I am in the state of absolute zero,
Where none other could reach,
For it is only with you,
That the core of my nucleus,
Is where yours could breach.

sorbet lemon

looking into the heart of a poet.

what its like to have a heart of a musician.
to see what rhythms and melodies have to sing,
playing a song with all his heart's devotion,
to feel what the player's note has to bring.

what its like to have a heart of a painter,
to see what brushes and posters have to paint,
one heavenly masterpiece, none dare to defer,
a glorious moment painted the saint.

what its like to have a heart of a poet,
who would beg to see ?
with no rhythm to sing,
nor brushes to paint,
what's inside of me.

soothe your ears,
with melodious tunes of beethoven,
feast your eyes,
with the painted arts of heaven,
see not, listen not,
should one poem written,
for it is meant for the heart,
kept unspoken.

beg not for eyes to see or ears to hear,
you find not in the musician or a painter,
it is those lines that brings me endless time,
through melody and art bring to rhyme.

playing God

everyone would like to play God,
at least for one single day,
and often times they knew after,
that God isn't that easy to play.

till then we knew we could not,
abide so much of our emotions,
yet we knew we could not fake,
they are ones that alter decisions.

so much so we want to right our wrongs,
pray hard to turn back time,
regrets on the things we should've done,
or write a song with better rhymes.

if tears are meant to shed,
fret not for they aren't weak,
some people are quick to judge,
but they make clear what you seek.

if you want to play God again,
remind yourself, only human you are,
its okay to have you stained,
before reaching a distant star.
Find a core and a cause to love,
and a place to cry to say the least,
have faith and believe in heaven above,
seek not,
but faith's all for your own inner peace.

sorbet lemon


Coz if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
and your heart stars to wonder where on this earth i can be,
thinking you come back to the place that we'd meet,
and you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street
don't be afraid if it rains, so let is drench,
all the misses we had for us till the hearts wrench,
you run to me my hand open wide,
i'll hold you till the fears in you subside,
i'll be here waiting, waiting you all along,
i'll be staying beside and right the wrongs,
if one day again you wake up and find that you're missing me,
i'll be at the street waiting you like i used to be.

sorbet lemon~

Where is the promised peace?

Where is the promised peace?
Hail Lord almighty, king of heaven,
I knew I daren’t question,
For You will have your reason,
That shape all four seasons.

But bless me with heaven’s eyes,
To fathom such eerie sight,
Of all the bleedings and heartache,
In this tears drenched night,
For I see some slumped on the ground,
Begging for once theirs to return,
And I see some stood up straight,
With scars most couldn’t discern.
Yet Lord bless me with Your wisdom,
To see what You’ve seen,
And comprehend that such heartache,
Is fortified love in between.

Bless me with heaven’s ears,
To empathize the frantic yell,
That vibrates from within a broken soul,
With no hope to dwell.
For I heard some screaming,
From hearts protruded by lies,
And one who took that for granted,
Stab it once again with knives.
Yet Lord bless me with your wisdom,
To hear what you’ve heard,
And comprehend that such heartache,
Are there parts where love is conjured.

Bless me with heaven’s heart,
To feel what love is all about,
If love is so strong that it heals,
Then why are we made without?
I see them cry in within,
I heard not a sound,
My heart is not convince,
That love is still around.
I am still that little kid,
Who prayed for peace,
But why is all this happening?
Is there somewhere you’ve missed?
Yet Lord bless me with your wisdom,
To feel what you’ve felt,
I hope that all are blessings in disguised,
For I wish not love misspelt.

a secret rendezvous

again i came to this familiar place,
of sweet aroma of dimmed little lights,
with two stars beside a virgin face,
the brewing aroma waft through the night.

it was a secret rendezvous between me and you,
one that we promised a place to call our own,
i was first love forever true,
you're the one that claimed my throne.

we would always meet once in a while,
with us apart, our love grew stronger,
for you had never cease to make me smile,
every time we spend time with each other.

yet we soon had to part,
but all is worth the trip,
you're the one in my heart,
forever my miss java chip.

In search of liberty

i came across this blog of my friend and her friend posted this. would like to share to you all.

Thou speaketh but who shall be thy listener?
Thou asketh but who shall answereth thee?
For he that speaketh is dumb and deaf
And he that asketh is a fool

Who careth for the sick?
Who giveth his food to the poor?

Care-less art thou?
For thou occupieth thy day with thy own interest
Free thyself from all things
And knoweth that thou has a purpose in life

Taketh hold of thy precious ones
Showeth love at all time
Lest thou regret

author : Safiya

well, i thought of adding a little modern twist, a reply to the poem.

some are not dumb or deaf when the speak,
for some words are spoken for the other,
or fools for those who ask what's life indeed,
but answers to make a difference for one other.

leave alone those who define life of own interest,
for they were not wrong, perhaps succumbed to selfishness,
but who to blame as the world had its own way,
for everyone to define their own happiness.

who careth for the poor,
who careth for the sick?
says you, but had we done all
or some to help, you began to pick.

for i believe that life's not that easy as how it is written,
and reality is harsher even before experience had spoken,
be let remind us, to not abandon those who's unfortunate,
and bless them with our blessings on what's enough to be given.

for i believe that the chain of love will flow,
lets just no see how many life's we have touched,
but how many individuals who do the same,
and inspired them that the world is a place for every one,
who deserved much...

The end of the road

When you shared so must of your life with someone, ending it is never easy, regardless of what the reason is. 

Looking back and  trying to make sense of the decision of what deemed necessary, but however assertive I was, I am always be doubtful of the decision that I have made. If only I could hold on longer, better and lived life more patiently. Then, maybe, just maybe, I would not feel so tired. 

No matter how you are trying to forget those quarrel and fights that you had, or reminiscing the good times together, both are equally painful. 

The thought of someone being unhappy because of you was unbearable and filled your heart with guilt, questioning again whether if you will live the decision with regrets.

But I am sure I will not. Its a path I have taken and dreaded to. After all, three years is not a short period but neither is it long.

Close friends knew about it but only few understand. Many asked me if there is any chance of reconciliation without knowing what went wrong in the first place. I was deeply sadden that its the relationship that concerns them, and not the one sitting in front of them, someone whom they knew and perhaps thought the break up was an act of hasty judgement.

But, on the other hand, how could I detail what went wrong to invite judgmental thoughts against the other party? I have been vague because I did not expect them to understand. After all, love is about the matter of two person, two families if considered marriage, or not. 

Yet, one thing I am sure. I want to tell her that I have really tried. And I am tired of trying anymore. 

Time will surely heal. Till then, this heart needs mending. 

Yours truly,
a broken heart with tears kept hidden,
so that you would not see,
the frowns replaced by awkward smile,
the emotions hidden deep within me. 

There is nothing much to convey,
nor comfort given, for I am well,
Time is all I need to rid away,
the sadness that longed to dwell.

I knew I am brave enough to love again,
for my heart, slowly it will mend, 
but broken love is not like waves
washing away footprints in the sand...

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