Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ans : stop right there

Stop Right There.
You are going way too far, way too fast,
You know those feelings will not last,
Was it love or just a crush,
Stop right there and do not rush.

They say love is always blind,
but, to me love is all in the state of mind,
It's a choice you make from time to time,
You can accept or decline.

Perhaps those miseries I dwelt in the past,
Remind me that love is transient, it will not last,
Relinquish my hope and diminish my faith,
It's hard to get back to the chase.


who knows those feelings will not last?
would you think too deep, or judge to fast?
if its really true love,
and you knew it is not a crush,
would you tell your heart,
stop right there and do not rush ?

they say love is blind,
but she brings jumbled words to rhyme,
and felt a feeling oh so fine,
a gift of rosemary and thyme

tar not thee with miseries of the past,
you'd yet to capture, love's spell to cast,
for soon you'll meet one true love,
no, its no longer a crush,
you'll know it when you see him,
your heart wouldn't stop right there,
it begins to rush...

sorbet lemon