Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In search of liberty

i came across this blog of my friend and her friend posted this. would like to share to you all.

Thou speaketh but who shall be thy listener?
Thou asketh but who shall answereth thee?
For he that speaketh is dumb and deaf
And he that asketh is a fool

Who careth for the sick?
Who giveth his food to the poor?

Care-less art thou?
For thou occupieth thy day with thy own interest
Free thyself from all things
And knoweth that thou has a purpose in life

Taketh hold of thy precious ones
Showeth love at all time
Lest thou regret

author : Safiya

well, i thought of adding a little modern twist, a reply to the poem.

some are not dumb or deaf when the speak,
for some words are spoken for the other,
or fools for those who ask what's life indeed,
but answers to make a difference for one other.

leave alone those who define life of own interest,
for they were not wrong, perhaps succumbed to selfishness,
but who to blame as the world had its own way,
for everyone to define their own happiness.

who careth for the poor,
who careth for the sick?
says you, but had we done all
or some to help, you began to pick.

for i believe that life's not that easy as how it is written,
and reality is harsher even before experience had spoken,
be let remind us, to not abandon those who's unfortunate,
and bless them with our blessings on what's enough to be given.

for i believe that the chain of love will flow,
lets just no see how many life's we have touched,
but how many individuals who do the same,
and inspired them that the world is a place for every one,
who deserved much...

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