Tuesday, April 1, 2014

looking into the heart of a poet.

what its like to have a heart of a musician.
to see what rhythms and melodies have to sing,
playing a song with all his heart's devotion,
to feel what the player's note has to bring.

what its like to have a heart of a painter,
to see what brushes and posters have to paint,
one heavenly masterpiece, none dare to defer,
a glorious moment painted the saint.

what its like to have a heart of a poet,
who would beg to see ?
with no rhythm to sing,
nor brushes to paint,
what's inside of me.

soothe your ears,
with melodious tunes of beethoven,
feast your eyes,
with the painted arts of heaven,
see not, listen not,
should one poem written,
for it is meant for the heart,
kept unspoken.

beg not for eyes to see or ears to hear,
you find not in the musician or a painter,
it is those lines that brings me endless time,
through melody and art bring to rhyme.

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