Tuesday, April 1, 2014

playing God

everyone would like to play God,
at least for one single day,
and often times they knew after,
that God isn't that easy to play.

till then we knew we could not,
abide so much of our emotions,
yet we knew we could not fake,
they are ones that alter decisions.

so much so we want to right our wrongs,
pray hard to turn back time,
regrets on the things we should've done,
or write a song with better rhymes.

if tears are meant to shed,
fret not for they aren't weak,
some people are quick to judge,
but they make clear what you seek.

if you want to play God again,
remind yourself, only human you are,
its okay to have you stained,
before reaching a distant star.
Find a core and a cause to love,
and a place to cry to say the least,
have faith and believe in heaven above,
seek not,
but faith's all for your own inner peace.

sorbet lemon

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