Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You held my heart but I held his,

You held my heart but I held his,
This petite heart only for one contain
Some heart free to share,
But surely not this,
Only one heart for another,
This love retain.

With gentle glances I could only confess,
This love is not chosen for hearts like ours,
Should this be real, through yours expressed,
But it is not ours there to discover.

I can only appreciate your kindness and goodwill,
But had never taken for granted for what you’ve done,
I knew you would have loved me still,
Though this love I have chose to run.
I am sorry I could not reciprocate the same,
You are one true gentleman oh so well,
Please do not take the blame,
If my heart aren’t there to dwell,
Please release me for I could not love you in return,
I thank you but this gift unrequited,
Though I knew, I would always be part of your concern,
But it was his heart, mine reciprocated.

* the author of this poem took a stand on a woman's heart. feeling what he believes how a woman felt, and there's no relation to the author's real life. after all, poetry sometimes is about feelings, one and the other.

Sorbet Lemon


♥淑盈 agApe LovE♥ said...

Good one Jarod.. :) Lol.. first tot whose heart or which girl u are writing for her stand haha.. not easy for a guy to write from a girl perspective worr.. three thumbs UP!! Like this lorr.. haha..

jarod said...

Thank you very much sock jin, your comments really cheer my day:)
well, no particular reference. just felt like writing this way. :) hehehe...

and, where did you find the extra thumb? haha

miyoko-san said...

u long time no visit my blog jor???

Critical Appreciation said...

+Reminds me of the song. The Wedding Dress by Taeyang. Hehe

Critical Appreciation said...

+Jane here btw. =P

Yong said...

"You held my heart but I held his"
Writing from a girl's perspective huh...nice one.

Hoping to read one with "you held my heart but I held hers" coz I would like to hear from a guy's perspective of view.

Anyway, kai wen shared something related to this the other day. =)


jarod said...

[Jane]haha, i want that song, i can;t play youtube here :(

[peiling] good suggestions, will be coming that up :)