Friday, June 13, 2014

Seek and I Shall Find

The stale air dimmed the flames of burning passion,
the rickety wheeled chair creaked once a while,
those were the days applauded by a standing ovation.
written on hastily printed page, turning dull.

Years from now, a life unforeseen,
an uncertain route laid blurred on empty lands,
we loved to dwell on memories etched in between,
the good and the bad,
and the crumpled marks on our hands.

Everyday’s a battle faced reluctantly,
of how life could have been better,
all but a prickled heart seek forgivingly,
seeking a graceful life like a butterfly’s flutter.

I am embarking on a journey to seek a life well defined,
To quench the dehydrated soul, a sight to the blind,
to string all beautifully written words into rhymes,
To paint a garden full of rosemary and thyme.

Find, I shall, a life enlightened.
Paving a path of confidence,
Sing that lovely song, where lyrics once written,

And continue to write with soulful prominence. 

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