Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The temptation of the night

Pints of malt downed in a shot,
Neon lights slicing the stale, drossy air,
he slithered into this unfamiliar abode,
a place he sought to fill what is bare

A bottomless vault hidden deep in his heart,
An intense trigger to satisfy his urge,
A place, he, not known to anyone,
A place where he began his search.

For someone to satisfy his lustful soul
A new temptation he yearned for long,
His heart bled from a love turned foul,
One night is all he need to right the wrong.

And there she came from across the counter,
Her voluptuous body strutted in seductive fashion,
Her hands caressed his hair,
Her head rest on his shoulder,
Her lips stung his with unforgivable passion.

He took a gamble with her sly gentle touch,
An art she mastered no men could resist, 
He give in to his revengeful desire, 
His principle exploited but the soulless man insist.

He took it all out on her, but yet,
She welcomed him without shame, 
A night of lies and pleasure,
That threatening flame was finally tamed.

He sunk into a darkened void with regret,
His inner soul, she tore it apart,
He knew that night was an invite to chaos,
A wrongfully committed treason to the heart.

No fault was written off,
Nor wrong to right,
For he had traded his soul and heart,
To the temptations of the night.

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