Friday, January 29, 2016

I Know I Have to See You Again

I know I have to see you again
I need to be sure
of the feelings I feel inside
the spell you conjure

I know I have to see you again
for once, I ponder if this is real,
my heart paused to admire,
the smile you never try to conceal

I wouldn't say I fell in love,
but you'd definitely got my heart hooked
To be certain of the feelings that teased my heart,
I know I need a second look.

I could hardly breathe
but held ,my breath I did not,
now that i see your again,
I am sure of what I sought

it scares me to move closer,
to think of all those chances I would've make
because now I am afraid to lose you
your rejection, I couldn't take

I need to see you again
if you give me the chance
let me show you what true love means
the start of a budding romance

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